R.I.P. Florian Schneider – The Man Machine

Yesterday the very sad news broke that Florian Schneider, founding member of Kraftwerk had passed away. A core member of the group from their inception, until officially parting in 2008, his is a legacy that will last forever.

It is impossible to turn on the radio and not hear the influence of Kraftwerk. Their “Robot Pop” sound explored and defined the artistic relationship between man and machine, and in doing so laid down the blueprint for House, Detroit Techno and Hip Hop while influencing everyone from David Bowie and Afrika Bambaataa, to The Chemical Brothers and beyond.

Emerging from the same experimental community of German artists that spawned acts such as Can, Neu! and Tangerine Dream, they envisioned a futuristic shimmering vision of Europe’s future, refusing to be tied to the traditional sounds that came before.¬†Kraftwerk’s impact on modern music should be seen as equal to, if not more important than that of The Beatles. In a world consumed by, and almost wholly reliant on technology,¬†their artistic vision is ingrained in the very fabric of society today.

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